While attending a John Kerry speech in Volusia County, Florida, a University of Florida student is tasered by police.

This is one of the most repressive and disgusting videos we’ve ever presented. A student at UF in Volusia Kounty, Fl. exercises his right to free speech at a John Kerry speech. But apparently this passionate young man has no right to free speech as he is held down by police and TASERED, while SCREAMING for help. John Kerry did nothing to stop this reprehensible situation, and one must ask oneself why?

It is unknown why this student was considered such a threat in the first place, but perhaps someone watching this video can tell us why, as it surely escapes me.

Folks, be very careful what you say these days. Someone might be watching. Someone might be listening. And tasering could be the least of your problems!

Free speech has gone out the window. There is NO MORE FREE SPEECH.



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