In the brave new world of California the time may soon arrive when Big Brother controls your thermostat.

Under an update to state energy efficiency standards, utility companies will be able to override the temperature the home owner selects. The new proposal applies, so far, only to new homes and commercial buildings. The utility companies would exercise their power only during "emergency events," as defined by the bureaucrats crafting the proposal.

As California installs the global warming hoax as the state religion, the governing class is licking its chops at all the opportunities it has in regulating behavior. This foray into the home is merely the latest along this line, albeit the most audacious, to date. While this proposal may be knocked down as people become aware of it, it will never be discarded. It will reappear again and again until the frogs in the slowly heated pot no longer are capable of recognizing government controlling the thermostat as a threat.

This article is a must-read for both those in California, who need to know about government’s latest power grab, and for those living elsewhere in the US, who will be seeing such a scheme rear its head in their states. Citizens of many other nations may of course expect the same. Government’s control fever seems limitless. Pay especial attention to the double talk of one Adam Gottlieb, a spokesman for the California Energy Commission:

Thanks to efficiency standards, California’s demand for electricity has remained flat since the late 1970s even as its population has doubled, Gottlieb said. Utilities know how to interpret the new mandate, he said, and when to apply it, even though the definitions are not specified in the document.

If demand for electricity has remained flat for 30 years, why is there a need for Big Brother to be granted control of private thermostats? How on earth can the power utilities, acting as agents of the state, know when to alter the thermostat during emergencies when what constitutes an emergency hasn’t been defined?

Once again the fears of those who objected to government-imposed smoking policies on private properties as an unconstitutional entrée into the home have come home to roost. With ever more interference the state is busily erasing the line between private and public.



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