There is no need to subscribe to the Newscientist to understand what is going on. Just read the teaser. Once again, exactly as we predicted. During the last few years the Newscientists has demonstrated a propensity for the popularization of junk science, and it has always portrayed the World Health Organization as an “authority” that is pure, unbiased and thus unquestionable. There has never been a criticism of WHO in spite of its numerous scandals. The WHO is portrayed as an organization of serious "scientists" and not the bureaucratic gang of pharmaceutical crooks and goose stepping fascists that it really is.

Be that as it may, here it comes: “WHO considers global war on alcohol abuse”. Don’t be sidetracked now as you were for tobacco. By “abuse” YOU think of getting drunk under the table; THEY think any consumption of alcohol – but they don’t tell you that, as they want to get there a little bit at the time. One day they will say that "there is no safe level of alcohol intake" – and they sure can produce mountains of epidemiological trash science to "prove" it.

It is also very useful to refresh our memory on the definition of war, that so many people take for granted, or not seriously at all – especially when it comes from the crooks of "public health". Here are some definitions:

"A condition of belligerency to be maintained by physical force."
"The art of paralysing the forces of an enemy."
"An attempt by one side to impose its will on another."

War also means that there is no room for negotiations, debates, compromises, coexistence – and that what is true or false no longer matters. The only thing that matters is the imposition of one’s will on the other. War can only end with the extinction of one side, or the surrender by one side of its values and way of life to the other.

The public health institutions have declared war on smokers, fat people, motorists, industries and now drinkers. But its victims just don’t seem to get it. War is also an art of deception, thus "public health" wages war against you to "help" you surrender your way of life, that you would not have been willing to give up were you not "helped". Now please go back and read the definitions of war once again before you waste time writing a petition to health authorities or by being indignant about their lies.

These wars have been in the making for a long time. Rivers of money flow from the pharmaceutical industry to create the foundations of deceit. The framework for ending alcohol consumption is already in place. It is also extremely probable that Big Pharma has new drugs to “help drinkers quit.” To prime the market Big Drugs has activated its lackeys in the ministries of “health” all over the world, as well as, of course, the WHO.

The gangsters got away with the epidemiological frauds on active smoking. They got away with those on passive smoking. They have redefined science. They have erased integrity. The have built the contemptible Precautionary Principle. All has been set for the Second prohibition, this time at the global level.

Alcohol will go down much faster than tobacco. It will take three or four short years. Oceans of epidemiological trash science will be created. Marionettes in white coats will recite long lists of “drinking attributable deaths”. Computers will project billions of virtual “deaths” by 2100 if alcohol does not end up like tobacco. Costs to society? Billions, trillions. Humiliation. Super-taxation. Paternalism. Restrictions. Denormalization. Indoctrination of children. Bankruptcies, social alienation, violence. It will all be there. All the manure that “public health” is capable of producing will be dumped on society in a flash, and described by the mass-media as an astonishing success. The greatest fraud of all time – that against smoking – has worked well, and now millions of idiots actually think that they kill themselves with their smoking, and maybe even their kids. Now it will be done again with alcohol, but the bastards feel much bolder, this time.

Unless we stop it. Cold. Now. With whatever it takes. No more discussion. No more obedience. They are the enemy, thus they lie. Zero tolerance against oppression must be the new motto. Organization. Discipline. Financing. Networking. Rotten eggs in the faces of the WHO and the ministries of “health”, never mind deference and ass kissing. Active and passive resistance. Global war against what "public health" has become.

Read the definition of war once again: the line can only be drawn if you stop moving while you draw it.



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