Stephen Moore takes us by the hand and leads us through this short and fascinating trip of aberration and intellectual schizophrenia on the one hand, and liberty on the other.

Here are a few nice teasers: “Every activity seemed designed to annoy Hillary Clinton. There was a whole lot of drinking, smoking and shooting, but thankfully not in that order.” “…Buckle your seat belt, wear your bike helmet, don’t smoke, don’t shoot, teach your 8-year-olds to wear condoms–and, most of all, stop complaining and pay your taxes.” “One smoker lamented that if ‘gays were discriminated against today the way smokers are, there would be an uproar.’ “
That is all fine and dandy, of course, but what the victims are prepared to do is the only thing that is going to make a difference. Gays earned the respect they enjoy today by breaking the laws, creating damage and taking to the streets – not by writing petitions and complaints to City Hall. As long as motorists, smokers, cyclists and "fatsos" do that, they will have exactly what they deserve. Liberty has always been a bloody commodity.
Moore concludes with this statement: “I’m not a smoker or a gun owner, and not much of a drinker.” We are truly sorry to hear about all those shortcomings, Mr. Moore — but we will forgive you: at least you speak on the side of freedom.



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