Radio personality Rush Limbaugh coined the term "drive-by media" to describe mainstream news outlets that spew bullets of innuendo, then exit the scene, wheels screeching.
From Australia, a second tier citadel of junk science, comes a "hit" that will itself be soon forgotten, although its purpose of contributing to cumulative hysteria advancement serves the agenda of our behavioral engineers. Every bit of paranoia helps advance "health" another step. The study propagates the obesity scare that has been ramping up for the past several years. Since there usually must be a gimmick to attract the muddled and peripatetic press, here the "researchers" highlight bone loss, a real concern of women as they age.

Woman who enjoy chocolate daily have an overall bone density 3.1 percent lower than women who consume chocolate less than once a week. Epidemiology is at work here and the conclusions regarding chocolate consumption are derived from the faulty method of extensive questionnaire processing. The percentage is so ludicrously small that this study, in a world where fact and proof were valued, would itself have been junked rather than published. As yet another annoying message, however, of how everything enjoyable will be the death of us all, its purpose of installing unease has been fulfilled.



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