The Denton Independent School District (USA) has fired a smoker because she carried the scent of tobacco. Hatred at work, antismoking scum in action. But there is a more to this story.

What was the excuse for firing Suzanne Lidster? Read this: “The school’s principal left a message on her cell phone Tuesday morning saying that a doctor said the odor of smoke on Lidster had aggravated the student’s allergies.”! The odour of smoke does not aggravate any allergy whatsoever: it is just another fraud/excuse by the antismoking scum to use hatred.

There is no question, in fact, that the antismoking trash hates smokers so much, any excuse is good for getting rid of them. It is also true that smokers should hire smokers, and smokers should stay away from antismoking trash. Society has been irreparably split by the antismoking fraud, and opposing social poles must form as a result. If economic groups of smokers are formed, not only there would be no discrimination against them within those groups, but also smokers could discriminate or get rid of non smokers – just in case they make trouble. Why not? If discrimination becomes an acceptable practice, there is no problem in making it work the other way around.

Smokers can be easily found outside buildings — or a cigarette can be offered during a job interview: if the answer is a contemptuous “no”, the person simply does not get hired. And if there are some one-way “antidiscrimination laws” they can be easily circumvented by not hiring the person on some other grounds.

But we are digressing. Suzanne Lidster deserved to be fired because she is dumb. Could it be that her dumbness was the real reason for firing her? Read what she says:

"No, I would never harm a child, never knowingly harm a child smoking a cigarette, having the odors on my body, no I would never ever harm a child."

Only an idiot could believe that the smell of smoke harms a child. Thus we are making an exceptional recommendations to Mrs. Lidster: please do what you said and quit smoking ASAP. Do join the crowd of the former smokers/antismoking idiots, as you belong there.

With a brain like that you really make smokers look bad.



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