Tobacco Control is synonymous with many undesirable things: fraud, dishonesty, fascism, class war, social engineering, and an ugly collectivism. But perhaps its most glaring feature is its incoherence and stupidity.

Not that this worries Tobacco Control (AKA “public health”). The movement has gained such political and executive power that no one has yet become organized enough to remove it with force (the only way), so it can go wild in all directions. If it doesn’t even make sense, there’s no one to call it to account.

This article from the Guardian speaks volumes about the stupidity of Dutch Tobacco Control: "It’s absurd. In other countries they look to see whether you have marijuana in your cigarette, here they’ll look to see if you’ve got cigarette in your marijuana."

Need we say more? Passive smoking from a marijuana cigarette – with combustion byproducts vitrually identical to that of tobacco – can be wafted almost anywhere in the Netherlands, but passive smoking from a tobacco cigarette is illegal and will get you harsh punishment.

Both smokes are harmless, of course, but the Dutch public health operatives like joints, obviously, so THAT "passive smoke" is OK. When it comes from the tobacco cigarettes that they hate (and are programmed to fight) it becomes deadly instead – just because they don’t like it on one hand, and to fulfil the interests of Big Pharmaceuticals on the other.

Don’t you just smile or scratch your head in incredulity – this is real! Rather, find in yourself the will, the courage and the discipline to fight public health. You might start by dipping your hands into your pockets and help those who fight this corrupt institution before it takes over even the smallest aspect of people’s lives everywhere in the world. "Public health" works with surgical precision, and it has to be undone in the same way. Wishing Tobacco Control away, in fact, will not change what is happening one tiny bit; it will just make your subjugation harder to bear.

Read the rest of this absurd story in The Guardian at the link below. The article also reports an interesting lawsuit against public health going on right now.

Not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be univocally caused by tobacco (or marijuana) smoking.



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