That is the question that we have to ask ourselves when we read what Michael Siegel has to report on the latest absurdity of tobacco control.

No doubt every American who reads these lines (but actually non Americans too, since smoking “kills” everywhere the same, supposedly) — especially if he lives in big cities — has noticed, recently, tall piles of young corpses on sidewalks and street corners.

Well, those bodies belong to teenagers who died because of the smoking they watched in the movies. Trust us, smoking is THAT deadly!

This is actually what antismoking organizations tell us – maybe to get smoking out of the movies and pharmaceutical cessation trash into them.

"Considering the fact that 1,070 youth die each day (390,000/year) due to smoking in movies: Should youth be allowed to view films with excessively glamorized tobacco use?"

We leave the analysis of this latest tobacco control joke to Michael Siegel who, amongst other things, says that the number claimed is a mathematical impossibility (no kidding!), and also shows that the same group stated earlier that “only” 340 young people “die” each day from seeing smoking in movies. But 340 x 365 = 124,100. As the first number probably failed to elicit the desired emotional horror from public and politicians, why not attract more attention and swell it to a fantastic number that equals that of all the fantastic deaths that are imaginatively “attributed” to smoking?… This is the same group that has replied to Siegel that they will not correct the number as they don’t care for scientific accuracy. Of course not, since they made up the number in the first place.

To understand how the number has been made up you have to wear the sociopathic hat just for a few seconds, and you will see the light. It is plausible, in fact, that each of the 390,000 people who indemonstrably die of “tobacco-related” diseases has seen at least one movie with smoking in his of her young years, right?… There you go: since they have watched Boggie with the cigarette, they decided to smoke because of Boggie so, later, they die “because of tobacco”. In this case, however we just accumulate the “premature” statistical deaths to today as opposed to 50 years from now – et voila! – they become even more premature and they fill the cities with virtual corpses!

If follows, of course, that if we eliminate smoking from movies, nobody will decide to smoke and therefore nobody will die. Simple, no?… In the meantime, the bigger the number invented, the better. As for all “public health” and antismoking activists, actual measure is such an abstract concept that it is not even considered any longer. What matters are big numbers to elicit the appropriate big emotions in the name of “science” and “health”!

Insult to public intelligence or straightforward mental retardation? Probably both. The negative effects of nicotine abstention begin to show in a major way in the heads of antismoking campaigners.

One last thing: don’t dismiss these people as some sort of "extremist" "fringe" group with the implication that the rest of the movement is more serious and credible. The only difference is that these people have not yet mastered the fine art of



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