E-cigarettes are now banned by Australian state government.
Australia’s Health Minister says it will be illegal to sell nicotine cartridges.

Why? Because "health" organizations were outraged when the e-cigarettes were promoted as a way to beat the smoking bans. Let’s re-read that statement. Health organizations were outraged — and this is the only reason for the ban of the device. A group of fanatic ideologues and pharma stooges were outraged over a cigarette which produces water vapour, thus they went ahead and outlawed the manufacture, sale, supply, purchase, possession, or use of unregulated nicotine delivery systems. When corruption, sick ideology and mental immaturity holds legislative power, of one thing you can be certain: that power is abused — just because "they wanna"!…

"The decision will have no effect on the sale of nicotine replacement therapies". Sure thing. Actually, it will have an effect: the sales of that trash will go up — if smokers are stupid enough to try to quit because they believe lies and propaganda, that is. What do you think the ban is for?… If the e-cigs were produced by Big Pharma, they would be promoted by the government’s health bastards as a "smoking cessation device"!…

There is no question that Australia is the forerunner of a chain of prohibitions against e-cigarettes because they are contrary to pharmaceutical interests on the one hand, and because the "sticks" are right in the face of the antismoking bigots on the other – and the bigots want to see you without that stick as a symbol your of surrender to their ideology and power, and as a confirmation of the “non smoking supremacy”!

It will be interesting to see the reaction of those who, against the opinion of very many in the anti-Nazi movement and in spite of any logic, waived the e-cigarettes (a perfectly legal product up to a few days ago) as an instrument of defiance! It has always been our position that such approach was dead wrong for at least two reasons.

First, because those who play defiance without risking anything at all (again, e-cigs were perfectly legal to use in public places) show a good dose of hypocrisy. Second, because they confirm the lies of the tobacco control propaganda that smokers are "such addicts that they go to any extent to have nicotine".

To those heroes wanna-be we repeat our original recommendation: if you really want to be defiant smoke real cigarettes right in the face of the antis and in full violation of the smoking ban — and be prepared for the consequences, and to defend yourself. If you don’t have what it takes, then stay home and boycott the economy. With the money you save you can buy more cigarettes, by the way, or nullify the "antismoking effect" of price increases. Conversely, smoking e-cigarettes in restaurants and pubs not only confirms the propaganda on addiction, but it also helps the antismoking bastards to state that "smoking bans are good for business".

Really, do you want to help your enemies just to suck on a little bit of nicotine?…



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