You read it here first! Electronic cigarettes on Capitol Hill!

Members of Congress are utilizing electronic cigarettes these days, right in the Speaker’s Lobby! Senator Frank Lautenberg is a true mentally afflicted Anti. Persons so afflicted like to wander from reality in preference for a cracked delusion that smoking does not exist. All evidence to the contrary must be erased. Lautenberg, like all crazy Antis, simply cannot bear the reality of smoking or anything that resembles smoking. So he wants to stamp out the use of e-cigs. He says they haven’t been tested. He demands, in accordance with the usual voices in his head, that e-cigs must be banned, banned, banned, everywhere for everyone.

At the same time other Members are enjoying the hang out of the semi-heretical smokeless non-tobacco inhalers. It remains to be seen what will happen on the Hill when the e-smokers and the e-deniers clash. A rational person has just got to wonder how on earth the water vapor emitted from e-cigs could possibly offend anyone, but then, how rare is a rational person these days? If rationality were rampant, as in days not long past, smoking would remain largely unrestricted everywhere including in the halls of Congress. If rationality has a renaissance Congressional Members will finally stand up as one against the anti-smoking groups, freedom will be restored, and everyone will be happy and accommodated. How rational is that? Enough to be unimaginable in today’s Anti-crazed era. "Smoke" e-cigs if you wanna, smoke real cigs if you wanna, and fight the war for restoration of reason.



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