Bad times? You are broke? Can’t make it to the end of the month? Don’t worry, be happy, it’s good for your health, say the deranged minds of the politically correct antismokers who write for the New York Times. Imagine: as the picture’s caption in this story says, "1936: In hard times, as in the Great Depression, laborers have more time to care for their children". Oh, there are so many more wonders hidden in the Depression, and the unhinged NYT proceeds to administer "studies," the narcotic of the 21st century. Here are some examples of the wonderful and healthy future that awaits us.

Although smoking is not mentioned in the piece, at $8.00 a pack, cigarettes will become a luxury too – although the saviour will be the trusted smuggler near you. For the rest, if you are broke you will not be able to buy food, and that will make you lean and mean, and save you from the virtual epidemic of obesity. Simple, no?… No input, no output – lose weight. Conclusion: the Depression may be good for health – and when there is health, there is everything. Ask any Health Nazi, he will tell you that. Ask him also if his "services" are free, since health is everything. That’s when you’ll hear him balk at the benefits of poverty.

Actually there may be a measurable side benefit from a poorer state, and the benefit is this: hyper-expensive antitobacco and public health trash campaigns will not be so common, because the state may not be able to afford them in spite of robbing you blind. Their funding will be cut, and the public health parasites will finally join the unemployment lines that they helped to create with their bans and interference in private enterprise. They will finally share the benefits of starvation.

No more antismoking, anti-fat, anti-alcohol campaigns? No more epidemiological frauds and propaganda? No more “free”, publicly-financed Pharma nicotine distributed by the public health drug pushers. We will be able to smoke in peace and we will be antismoking-free.

That sounds like a really wonderful deal. Depression may be a good thing after all. Long live Depression!



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