A new addition to the Scientific Portal. You see, it’s like this. People smoke. Lots of them do. They really do. They like to have a smoke, particularly, after a meal, and very particularly, when they drink at a bar. On the other hand, non-smokers (apart from the hysterics) don’t care very much about smoking accommodations one way or another: they do not thrill to go out to bars and restaurants for the sake of being in a "smoke-free" place. They go out to eat and drink when they’re hungry for food or a good time, the same following on smokings bans, as before. Even despite decades of "passive smoking" hysteria, smoking accommodations in hospitality locations remain common, where they are still allowed.

We link to a journal piece which, unlike many such pieces today, gives a respectful nod to at least some aspects of common sense. The plain and simple is that smoking bans are not justified, at all, or by any means. They are economic and social oppressions. They are vicious. Passive smoking scares are hysterical nonsense. They are a fraudulent basis for tyranny. Even if they were true, they would not form a reasonable basis for smoking bans, any more than hysterical outlooks on air pollution would justify forcibly relocating city residents to the country. Demand the restoration of property rights, free choice, individual dignity, and social harmony. Freedom never comes cheap. The war is on.



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