Here we have a study that confirms what is obvious and intuitive: that smoking bans cause economic devastation.
Of course they do – and we sure don’t need “expert assessments” to confirm what is commonsensical and intuitive to all.

However, of course, in our era of mass intellectual retardation many seem to need studies to see the obvious.

This study belies once again one of the compulsive lies of the healthist ideology – that smoking bans do not have a negative impact (or even have a beneficial impact) on economy. Of course they hurt. Even in California, homeland of the antismoking fraud and the longest-established liberty-free state, the negative economic effects of smoking bans are quite visible today, over ten years after total prohibition: “In what the authors call their “naïve” specification that treats all smoke-free laws the same, they find a statistically significant 4 percent decline in revenues associated with smoking bans.”

So California smokers did not “get used to it." Economy has not “adjusted." Californians do not “like” smoking bans – and they are voting with their pockets. Actually people do not like smoking bans anywhere in the world, not just in California. The healthist propaganda paints the opinions of an incredibly tiny minority of individuals as the opinion of "the people." Even those who do not like smoking usually don’t have objections to smoking sections, smokers’ clubs, smoking train cars, and dignified areas for smokers in general.

To the bastards, of course, economic devastation is a “reasonable” price to pay for “saving” all those people whose deaths have never, ever been scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking.

Well, there is a big difference between science and reality on the one hand – and fanatic ideology on the other. Cultural and social engineering must come before economy and freedom – ask any Communist holdout in the USSR.



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