Elbowing aside yet again actual education, the United Kingdom will devote scarce resources and time to educating school children about the evils of alcohol.

Beginning with five-year-olds, a comprehensive anti-alcohol curriculum is in the works that will teach school kids about the harmful effects of alcohol, the effects of advertising and safe drinking levels, whatever those may be. The government justifies yet more intrusion into people’s lives by citing an epidemic. Britian suffers a "growing binge-drinking epidemic," so say the experts. And as experts are wont to do they are poised to unlease a charming government agency that will not only lead the kids unto Temperance but will also slap the parents around for good measure. The National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) will train parents on how to talk to their kids about booze, how to "set limits" and how to respond when their little darlings are identified as "problem drinkers" and assigned to addiction clinics.

Distilleries and brewers operating in Great Britain, if they haven’t already, had better prepare themselves for their new role of Public Enemy Number One. Now that Big Tobacco has been neutered by Public Health, room must be made for a new demon to destroy. Tobacco education begat onerous taxation and prohibition. It will do the same for alcohol.



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