An episode from the author’s odyssey of smoker pogrom discovery.

Recently, my friend and I, both around the same age, decided to have elective surgery. We went to two different doctors each (that’s four altogether) to see if there was any price difference. As it turned out there was very little difference in price, but we were astonished to discover, in every case, that surgery would not be performed unless all forms of nicotine delivery were stopped for 30 days prior and 30 days after the surgery. This fact-finding occurred in 2 separate states so it would seem to be a "creeping virus" that is invading our country!

It must be pointed out that these two surgeries would have netted the doctors upwards of twenty thousand dollars apiece and up-front. Is it any wonder that the national economy is staggering? If plastic surgeons are so wealthy that they can dictate terms and conditions of this magnitude then I say "good luck" to them. They will have very few smokers in their offices or on their tables. They most certainly won’t have either my friend or myself! So $40,000 is lost to them and stays with us.

It must also be pointed out that for the past fifty or so years, surgeries of this type have been performed routinely on smokers, with no adverse effects that I know of. I have seen it done for fifty years on friends and relatives.

My friend and I are disgusted and wouldn’t have the elective surgery now (or ever)!



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