Smoking bans, created to benefit Big Pharma, always present benefits for the small fish also. We learn from the Smokers’ Club of the existence of yet another device to go around the bans.

The "Product of Defiance"

….for sale at "only" $59.95 + $10.00 for "carton" (unspecified actual amount)…

…That you must be 18+ to see (kids, click anyway because they let everybody in)…

… turns out to be a Chinese SMOKING CESSATION DEVICE!

Electronic losers?

Smoking bans, created to benefit Big Pharma, always present benefits for the small fish also. We learn from the Smokers’ Club of the existence of yet another device to go "around" the bans.
We read: “FINALLY you can ‘smoke’ ANYWHERE and ANY TIME you want! Legal water vapor! […] On the Day of Defiance, smokers around the world are given back their right to enjoy a legal product as they please, and go anywhere they want once again.”
Mmhh… what kind of defiance is the use of a device that the law permits?… We mean, where is the defiance? Are we talking, once again, about the illusion of being fighters, or being real fighters by disobeying the law? And if smoking is a right, how come it can be taken away or given back?
Let’s face the real issue, if you please — as it seems to us that we are missing the target as usual. The issue is the right to smoke – better yet, the conquest of the legal right to smoke that was the custom but was never specifically protected by law. The electronic cigarette is nothing but a nicotine inhaler. Is the issue how to go around the ban with some device, or is it how to beat the ban in the long run with disobedience, creation of political problems and with the continuous exposure of the institutional fraud on active and passive smoke? If junk like those devices is adopted, it will only prove that we are nicotine "addicts" – not "freedom fighters" or fighters for health institutions that have some integrity.
The first thing to do therefore is to establish what we want: freedom or "nicotine fixes"? Do we want to prove that we are “addicts”, or fight for the right to smoke the real McCoy?
If the choice is the former, and if these nicotine devices become common use, not only will the bans stay forever but, once established in the culture, a way will be found to ban even those devices — guaranteed! Let us never forget that the WHO program is to eliminate any form of nicotine intake — whether smoked or otherwise — unless it is of pharmaceutical origin. The message to deliver, therefore, is that we will not submit to politicized scientific fraud by health "authorities", nor will we accept to undergo cultural engineering — with or without nicotine delivery devices.
Furthermore, the “electronic cigarette” advertised as a way to “beat the ban” is, in reality, a Chinese product that “helps you stub out the habit”, as described in this Reuters press release of May 9, 2007. So, at the end of it all, the device of “defiance” turns out to be a smoking cessation trick! If you want to quit smoking, all you need to do is put down the pack – and conform to the impositions. No need to fall for marketing scams – but there sure seems to be a desperate need to become a little bit less naïve.
In short, the problem is to be eliminated at the root. To use a metaphor, when you get the beating you can either develop a thicker skin (and that will induce the abuser to get a bat with spikes), or keep a thin skin but take the bat away from the beater — and use it on him.
We unconditionally vote for the second option — for the first one will only guarantee more beating.






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