When a particular group of citizens is targeted, one of the most important things to do is to erode their sense of unity and their cultural solidity. Of course we are stating nothing that Machiavelli did not write already in his masterpiece The Prince. In the case of smokers we can see the social disintegration at work with the prohibition of assembly, for example, and with the attack on their self esteem by public humiliation – smoking outside and at a distance from buildings, for example. But a good despot who knows what is doing must do more than that: he must destroy the target’s culture. So, that is what Canadian “public health” has set out to do with Indians. The last lesson from Machiavelli is that — of course — the cultural disintegration must be implemented under the guise of “help”.

And that is how we come to this piece “Healing centre to help native smokers quit”. Just read the first lines: “Twenty tobacco-addicted First Nations people will become the inaugural participants in a revolutionary residential treatment program to quit smoking. The Tobacco Healing Centre, scheduled to open today near Ottawa, touts an 80-per-cent quit rate and will handle up to 1,500 smokers a year.” It goes without saying that the “health” scum knows full well that smoking has been in the Indian culture since time immemorial – to say nothing of the nonsense about health and addiction. On the other hand, it certainly not the fist time in Canadian history when Indians are “helped” through forced “education”, relocation and other “humanitarian” actions that had the intent of destroying their culture. The practical end here is that the Indians are nations, and as such, they can produce and sell tobacco without the criminal restrictions imposed by the healthist Canadian state. The quit-rate reported in the article is, of course, false and actually ridiculous (83% of 23 people!!!) , but what is interesting is the frequency of the critical words used by the criminals to make you believe that smoking is a disease that needs “help” to “heal” you from “addiction”. This kind of Soviet-style verbal hammering brainwashing has been highlighted in this PDF version to make you see the technique used to associate their fraud with your beliefs. Don’t fall for it!

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