A tipping point has been reached in the Anglo sphere; prohibition is the next logical step.

With nationwide smoking bans in several English speaking democracies in effect the anti-smoking activists are moving on to the next phase, which is a preparation for total tobacco prohibition. This announcement from some New Zealand operatives echoes the plans that have already been stated in the United States. Although that country doesn’t have a national smoking ban nearly half of the states do ban smoking in so-called public places.

To pretend that the anti-smokers do not now have a huge advantage in the law courts and courts of public opinion in all English speaking countries is to deny reality. It is likely that smaller countries like New Zealand or Canada will move heaven and earth to become the first to make tobacco illegal. The other larger countries will duly follow suit. Very depressing but not inevitable. The people of these countries do not want prohibition. Anti-tobacco couldn’t have reached its current position of power without an admittedly artful use of absolute falsehood.

The bad effects of the policies, while always in evidence, are becoming obvious as each stage of the anti-tobacco agenda is imposed. Businesses ruined by smoking bans are finally realizing that their "rights" are irrelevant to the governing class. Thus they are turning towards the widely propagated scientific fraud. With this sham exposed anti-tobacco would be rightly seen as a gaggle of cranks on the level of flat earthers. Hubris now defines anti-tobacco. It really only has one direction to which it can go and that is down.



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