Tomorrow is the first anniversary of England’s fascist antismoking law. Do not believe a word of what the public health cons tell you.

We have not read any of the news yet but already know what you will be told. We know because the conning and the propaganda of Tobacco Control is standard criminal procedure all over the world, and England is certainly no exception.

They will proclaim that the ban has been a great success and is universally beloved throughout the populace. You’ll be told that a record number of smokers has quit smoking (there is no way that such statement can be verified, if for no other reason, because of the huge contraband in the UK.) They will tell you that the heart attacks have decreased. That is because the health “authorities” are professional fraudsters and have embraced dishonest methodology – a methodology that has been repeatedly exposed as a fraud.

Pharmaceutical stooges such as ASH will say that it is a great news, that all is well with prohibition. It will be implied that "prohibition is health," as every good Fascist believes, as part of his ideology. Furthermore, the prohibitionists and their obliging press will insist, more prohibition is needed.

Professional public health cons such as Sir Liam Donaldson will lie again to the population (that, clearly, is the first duty of a minister of health, nowadays), and say that there is an immense support for the ban (the standard output of the crooked polls is 75 to 85% "support"), and that more porno-pictures on cigarette packs, warnings, “education” (read: intimidation, denormalization, restrictions, discrimination, and false information) is needed to “help” smokers quit.

Donaldson will go on vomiting the lie that about 90,000 people a year in England “die” because of smoking, and none of the mass media lackeys will ask him, of course, whether he can scientifically demonstrate just one death that has been caused by active or passive smoking. That is because the media have the job of helping those who belong in jail (and instead run medical and health institutions) by conning the public that prohibitionist lies are truth.

Rely on this too: the measurable and demonstrable devastating economic impact of the bans will be totally ignored. At most, we will be told that business downturns are expected to be ephemeral, because "smokers will get used to the ban, eventually." Every loyal Fascist bastard thinks the same way and speaks the same way so you’ll hear the same old Fascist drivel from all of them. As it happened everywhere else, reality will be that most smokers will not "get used to it"; they will change their habits permanently, and the damage will be permanent once again.

Don’t be a fool tomorrow. Don’t believe a word of what those bastards say. Know your own mind, and smoke, instead. Smoke where it is forbidden: violating a law based on fraud and deception is the moral thing to do, and the duty of any proud citizen, whether he smokes or not. Get together, consolidate forces. Considerable resources and money and political impact are required to put the tyrannical bastards where they belong, in jail, in London and in Geneva, in Washington and in Berlin, and wherever Fascism arises.

Big Pharma and “public health” are public enemy number one, and they have openly declared war on you, the smoker. Are you stupid enough to believe the words of the enemy? Use them instead to galvanize your resolve. Recognize the anniversary of the British ban by smoking in the bastards’ faces. Then make a habit out of it.



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