Again from the pages of The Smokers’ Club we learn the next “logical” step of “public health”.

What about a 17.5% tax increase on fatty foods to “reduce” heart and stroke deaths by 1.7%? Not a bad idea. How do they know the tax would reduce deaths? Extremely easy: change the hypotheses in computer models, speak with an authoritative voice, and wait for the idiot politicians to believe it. Never mind that the fat tax would hit the poor; those are irrelevant excuses that only stooges of the food industry could bring forward… prohibition is health! Taxation is health! And then it’s the words of the stooges against the benevolent “authority” of the “health experts”! Which ones do you BELIEVE?… (Kind of sounds like a Saturday afternoon wrestling match, doesn’t it?) The "experts" try to bamboozle ordinary people with sophisticated-sounding gabble, and they can enter stuff in computers faster than you can say “fraud”. They can even procure polls that show instantaneous and overwhelming popular agreement with bans and taxes. What have YOU got? The last word: yes, sir!
And then, why stop at a mere 1.7% when we can shoot for 17% or more? All it takes is a 170.5% tax increase on what’s “no good” for you, and the hospitals will be almost empty! Don’t laugh, we’re getting there – for now, the public health brainstormers are just “phasing it in” — just as they "phased in" the antismoking cultural fraud. It’s for your good – and you’ve got to pay for it!



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