It is almost one year since the fascist smoking ban hit England, and now the propaganda is preparing to tell us how wonderful an "island of health" England has become. Here is an early piece, stand by for more: heart attacks in England have gone down 40% since the ban. Be careful, is a statistical fraud by British “public health.” Look at the words of these cons, that is important:

“More than half of hospital trusts are treating fewer heart attacks since the ban on smoking in public places came in last year."
“There were 1,384 fewer heart attacks across England in the nine months after the legislation was introduced compared to the same period a year earlier.”

Nine months is an utterly insufficient period to make such determination, as Michael Siegel, a Tobacco Control advocate himself, explains (see links below). It takes years of observation and unbiased measurement (that’s a joke, today.) The antismoking cons know that. The NHS cons know that too. The Daily Mail should know that also.

The idea is to convince you that the "public health" bastards have done a good job by forbidding the right to smoke in public places. Of course, the pharmaceutical crooks of ASH stand alongside the fraud: “Amanda Sandford, of the pressure group Action on Smoking and Health, added: ‘This is excellent news.’”

This is not excellent news because it is a statistical fraud that has already been debunked but, since "public health" knows no shame, it continues to spread it.

This is what we said one year ago: exactly as we predicted

We are FORCES are scholars of the Tobacco Control phenomenon, as it is a fascinating form of political crime. On the issue of the heart attacks and the British smoking ban, on July 4th 2007 amongst other things we wrote:

"…’Further "studies’ will show ‘a decrease in hospitalizations for "smoking-related" diseases by both smokers and especially non smokers since the beginning of the ban’. That will be achieved through data stratification – a statistical artifice used in Italy, Canada and United States."

Click on this link to read the rest of what we wrote… and trust us: WE KNOW OUR CRIMINALS WELL, AND BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE.

We know what’s coming, and it ain’t pretty.


The trick is data stratification, and short periods of variation. By fragmenting the data to an extreme in time segments and age ranges, you can pick only the downwards segments and ignore the rest. The fraudulent methodology was invented by Stanton Glantz with the infamous Helena study, and adopted by the “public health” enterprise all over the world including, naturally enough, the British NHS. Again, the idea is to “demonstrate” that passive smoking “causes” instant hearth attacks to non-smokers (although, mysteriously, it does not do that instantly to the smokers.)

Once again, do not believe these professional cons. We will not make this piece heavy with redundant explanations of how the copycat fraud works. Here are links to similar fraudulent statements that have been debunked in recent times.

The Old Heart Attack Trick
Yet another Italian fraud debunked – This is important because it is specifically mentioned in the Daily Mail propaganda article we are connected to.
Another fraud has just been published, concerning the same methodological fraud applied to New York.
Stencil junk science.
Edinburgh. The new Helena.
The next Helena of the ETS fraud.
A study delayed – This is important because it shows that any study or analysis that debunks the methodological fraud is stalled and delayed by the accomplices of the public health fraud to allow the rooting of the conviction that ETS harms people.
ETS: the Instant Killer – Our third Round Table with Dr. Michael Siegel, this time focusing on the absurd propaganda that even a few seconds of exposure to passive smoking is sufficient to induce a heart attack. This kind of junk science is attacked even by this Tobacco Control advocate.

Other countries have produced this trash, too. France, for example, just one month after the smoking ban already claimed a reduction of heart attacks! The strategy is same as that used for the epidemiological junk studies on passive smoking: mass production. The idea behind it is that, by producing a great number of fraudulent statements, people who listen to the same message all the time convince themselves that “all those people from all over the world cannot be wrong, for they come to the same results”.

Of course they are wrong – and they know it. The flaw in such superficial conclusion is that “all those people” do not come to those conclusions "independently," but that are coordinated by the same criminal mafia which is the World Health Organization, AKA international Tobacco Control. The lackeys in the research institutions receive the dishonest methodology, apply it to obtain the desired results and then use their “credibility” to con the public into the belief and thus into the acceptance of the prohibition as necessary for “public health” reasons. Finally, the toadies in the mass-media – such as, in this case, the Daily Mail, make sure that the false information is distributed to the gullible public, that will applaud people who deserve to go to jail.

That is dishonesty at work: plain, simple dishonesty applied over and over again. To the informed citizen, the mass production of this trash is yet another confirmation of the incredible size and irreparable gravity of the corruption of “public health” institutions, and it must become an even greater motivation to work hard to the end of their dismantling.

Also, click here for the Freedom To Choose article "The English Heart Attack ‘Miracle’", commenting on the same scam.



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