A correspondent from England shares his perspective on anti-smoking.

Tim Paton reviews his observations on anti-smoking over the years with valuable perspective. Though dubious of some medical claims he once respected institutional integrity. He also abided bans for years although many of these, such as the preclusion of any accommodation of smokers on any airline flights, came to seem repulsive. With the imposition of Britain’s extensive 2007 prohibitions Mister Paton became alarmed and educated himself. Looking closely at the anti-smoking movement, and seeing it for what it really is, he tells us of his righteous anger and disgust.

Mister Paton’s experience mirrors that of many other persons. There never was any reason for prohibitions, on planes, in offices, in shops, or anywhere else. Mutual accommodation of smokers and non-smokers existed for centuries in perfect civility and this would have remained the case but for the fraudulent and fanatical anti-smoking movement which has emerged since the 1960s. Healthism is a gravely dangerous ideology. It never deserved respect and it must never again be abided. It must be destroyed. Click the original article link below for an essay by Tim Paton. Click the titles of two videos he has produced, immediately below, to view these at our multimedia portal.

The Final Solution

Confusion and Experiments



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