We link to a foreboding article from a New York publication. The writer, Pamela F. Hennessy, rues an “injudicious and drunken step backwards into the eugenics the United States saw in the early 1900s and that the Third Reich embraced during their reign over Europe.” Hennessy points to news that “an influential group of physicians has now recommended a sort of laundry-list of individuals who should not be given life-saving medical treatment, in the event of a pandemic.”

She considers: “Certainly, during times of crisis, those who are charged with sorting out enormous tribulations will have to apply enough common sense and human aptitude to cope in as benevolent and conscientious a way as possible. They always have in the past. So, why the need for a government-sanctioned report on the matter of care-rationing? … I loathe to think that our own government has turned against our citizenry – seeing us now as tics on the organism and not individual persons, living a free and unfettered life. It would, indeed, seem that our own representative government has grown a deep-seated contempt for human beings they simply don’t see as fit anymore.”

We at FORCES have reported extensively on the eugenic roots of current “lifestyle epidemiology” and “social biology” and on common calls amongst antismoking groups, physician organizations, and governments, to deny medical treatment to health “heretics” who smoke, grow fat, or otherwise demonstrate themselves as being sub-human in the eyes of today’s eugenic technocrats. Hennessy unveils an especial irony in light of the modern Healthist ideal of longevity über alles. Those now considered unfit to live are said to include the elderly, in particular, those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

There is only one species of mankind that deserves eradication by any and all means necessary: eugenicists.



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