“Health Nazi” and “Ignorant Pig” are two very appropriate definitions for all Tobacco Control advocates, but they are particularly fitting for the proponents of the denial of foster care to smokers.

Health Nazi Michael Stark. Although it’s true that judging people by face may be obtuse and prejudicial, it is equally true that there is often wisdom in popular beliefs, such as “the face is the mirror of the soul”. It is not difficult to look at this individual and imagine him with a high, black hat and a swastika around his arm. His name completes the picture: the on-line dictionary defines stark as “utter; extreme; harsh; grim" – all very befitting definitions for his character — and for the ideology that he represents.

Finally that definition of antitobacco has been used on the air waves by radio host Jon Gaunt on TalkSport radio in Britain before hanging up on fanatic anti-smoking councillor Michael Stark.

Kudos to Jon Gaunt for standing up against Fascism and fraud. The prohibition against smokers becoming foster parents is based on the scientific fraud of passive smoking.

Passive smoking was never demonstrated to be harmful to health in any way, shape or form. The whole affair is based on pseudo-moralistic issues stemming from the mortality of active smoking which also, in turn, cannot be scientifically demonstrated not even in one case.

It all has to do with the narcotic of control, and Nazism has found its channel through public health institutions, where its cancerous ideology has always found its natural nest since the times of the III Reich.

Under pressure to apologize by some incoming call, Mr. Gaunt said: “I’m not going to apologise to him but I will apologise to my listeners. It’s something very close to my heart. I did lose my rag with him. I wish I hadn’t, but I did."

There is nothing to feel sorry about, Mr. Gaunt. You told him – and the establishment that he represents – the truth, although he may not appreciate it, at least officially. He knows damn well that the dangers of passive smoking are a fraud, but they are a hell of a good excuse to persecute smokers.

While Mr. Gaunt has said nothing for which he needs to apologize, the councillor who wants to deny children access to a loving home because one or both foster parent smokes comments ominously that the talk host’s remarks are "probably illegal" although he graciously would not take against against him. How generous! How progressive! He will tolerate free speech… for now.

Hatred, however, always needs an excuse; and it is hatred — not smoking — that every responsible citizen must help to destroy, even when it camouflages itself as health.

Below we report the comments sent by Michael McFadden, author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brain”:

In your story, "Redbridge councillor branded Nazi by radio host," Cllr. Stark held it was not sufficient that foster parents be asked to simply not smoke around their foster children because, "it’s extremely difficult to monitor something like that."

That’s true. It’s also true that it’s extremely difficult to monitor child beatings and sexual abuse by drunken foster parents, a situation far more commonly destructive in an extreme degree than the rare instance of a child being harmed by inconsiderate smoking, and thus fosterhood should be denied to all parents who drink – even if they supposedly do so only occasionally.

Foster parents could be monitored easily for drinking through random blood checks as long as it was clear that the policy was zero-tolerance, and the children could act as unofficial monitors as well, just as for the smoking policy. As the concept becomes more accepted it can begin to be applied to non-fostering families as well. Children will be raised in smoke- and alcohol-free environments or they will be granted the protection of the state and given over to loving smoke- and alcohol-free foster parenting.

Do I think the above is good idea? Of course not… but that’s exactly where we’re heading if we don’t stop it and don’t let the Neville Chamberlains fool you by saying "Oh, that’s just a slippery slope."

Michael J. McFadden
Author of "Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains"
Mid-Atlantic Director, Citizens Freedom Alliance
Director, Pennsylvania Smokers Action Network (PASAN)



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