FORCES Columnist Steve Cross examines the widespread use of smokers organs in transplant operations. There hasn’t been a death anywhere in the world that cannot be linked to tobacco.

If someone dies on the South Pole from an infected in-growing toe nail there will be a long line of highly paid tobacco control researches scrambling to tell the world how the persons death was linked to their great, great grandmother, who’s cardigan absorbed 2nd hand smoke through the walls of her apartment and then leaked 3rd hand smoke into the foetus of her unborn child which was subsequently passed on as 4th hand smoke via the childs genes and eventually on as umpteenth hand smoke to the unfortunate victim of the evil tobacco executives who secretly conspire to murder all of their customers.

It’s not until you put all of the wild claims of tobacco control together in a statement like the one above that you begin to see what conspiracy nuts they really are. According to their various claims of the past few years the above scenario is entirely possible !

For those of you who are not hypochondriacs, biased by the financial lure of tobacco control, terrified of death, controlled by a need to be politically correct or just an arrogant "anti everything that you don’t understand" type of person we link here to a new article by Forces International columnist Steve Cross who critically examines a CNN report that discusses the widespread use (49%) of smokers organs in transplant operations.



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