Smoke free laws MAY cut heart attack hospitalizations. Oh Boy! Another wonderful "study" telling us how great "smoke-free laws" are in reducing heart attack related hospitalizations.

However, the words "may" and "can" do nothing to inspire confidence in the study. Baloney is rampant in the world of these predetermined result "studies" and this one is no exception. Apparently, fewer people entered the hospital in the last few years suffering from heart attacks around Pueblo, Colorado.

Immediately, smoke-free laws come to the forefront, but what about other factors involved? The researchers "dunt esk" about that, and as Doctor Elio Gagliano has pointed out on today’s FORCES page once again, heart ailment rates have been declining since long before the smoker ban craze. Even antismoker Doctor Michael Siegel, as Gagliano points out, is appalled at this umpteenth epidemiological fraud.

What we are told of course and as always is that it MAY be due to "smoke-free" laws.

Evidence please. The only evidence available is that this is mass-media propaganda that cites yet another example of reeking junk science.

So, smoke away and don’t believe it for an instant.



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