No intelligence allowed!

There’s a new flick coming out in theatres. Social satirist Ben Stein, a lawyer and high-level political advisor as well as a long-term academic, enlightens us as to how academia works (or doesn’t work.) I am certainly going to take in his movie Expelled based on seeing the coming attraction trailer (link bottom this page.)

The film’s theme is intolerance of theism amongst "politically correct" academics and university administrators today. Students and teachers who express belief in divine Creation are ostracized.

This, to my eyes, mirrors the ostracism of academics who disbelieve the Health Cult dogma. As the Inquisition required fealty to the one true faith the Healthist Inquisition requires absolute allegiance to the high priests of junk science. Poobahs such as Al Gore and the Surgeon General decree omnisciently from on high. Heretics, and God, be damned.

What a sad state our society is coming to! Stein’s film promises to give us insight into the intellectual decadence and corruption of twenty-first century academia. We have many academics amongst our readership who have learned the wages of dissent. The time for change is now!



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