We flag our readers about this story published by CAGE Canada. It is about SIDS, and it points out once again how “public health” and other medical “authorities” cannot and must not be trusted, as they lie and manipulate – all the time.

That has all to do, once again, with what FORCES has said for over a decade now. The epidemiological fraud on smoking was the bellwether of a long series of misrepresentations on other issues and – more gravely – the pivoting point at which the rigorous scientific and ethical behaviour required of public health institutions fell away. The situation grows ever worse over time.

In the past, many public health institutions worked hard to earn the trust of the people through integrity, truth, and objectivity – staying out of politics and social engineering.

All that has changed now. Integrity in much of the scientific world has all but vanished. The field of public health is abominable. A vast part of the medical profession, together with many universities, have jumped on the bandwagon of grants and other perks made available by state-funded health authorities and by the pharmaceutical industry. This has been extremely lucrative for them. The price for that was utter prostitution, misrepresentation of data, “creative” interpretations of results, outright falsifications – you name it, it’s happening.

Even worse, corrupted “public health” institutions have redefined science to accept the necessary trash: statistical nonsense and data fabrication defining the precise opposites of science and integrity. To advertise their grant-luring "discoveries" they push panic buttons that are as numerous as they are false, and induce the people to accept social engineering and surrender their liberties, in a haze of fear about health.

This is how the colossal fraud on smoking was created in the first place. This is how the “alarms” about environment, drinking, eating, and a thousand other "lifestyle" issues are also created – every day, by people who deserve jail but sit instead on political chairs, or as the heads of “research” teams. Utterly unverified hypotheses are turned into numbers, to be entered into epidemiological computer programs, which produce garbage. This is collected and disgorged as necessary to alarm, and control, and to perpetuate the industry of fraud in garnering ever more millions for ever more such "research."

That is how the SIDS “attributions” (to smoking or anything else) are fabricated, while real science which tries to create genuine understanding is under-funded, and left essentially in the dark. Ditto for research on cancer.

Read this article – and think: have you believed such “health authorities” (and the mass media that parrot all they say) in the past, about eating and exercise, drinking, smoking, and the thousand other lifestyle factors they lecture and pontificate about? Did you ever trust them? They have betrayed your trust. Believe nothing they say. Demand, as we do, the removal of charlatans and a return to scientific integrity.

A fundamental cultural change is required and it must come soon: the credibility of scientifically and ethically incompetent “public health” authorities must inevitably collapse. To restore credibility, “public health” will have to be dealt with politically. While many rush to change their lifestyles dramatically, deluding themselves about living "longer and better," the scare-mongering still grows and grows, channelled through corrupt health institutions, sponsored by the most powerful industry in the world: Big Pharma. The end for this cycle of vicious corruption has got to come.

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