This piece by Citizens for Civil Liberties (Canada) highlights the fraudulent and creative techniques used to “measure” “pollutants” when smoking in cars. The report highlights a lot of interesting information, used to dazzle the reader into intellectual submission. In fact, the desired reader reaction is “I am too dumb to understand all that, so I BELIEVE the ‘authorities’ when they say that passive smoking is ‘bad’. I don’t like its scent anyway, so that must be true”.

Aside from the obvious “Duh!” response that the fraudsters of “public health” and a variety of dishonest medical associations have tailored for their targets, there is also the intellectual dishonesty “public health” counts on: “As I don’t like smoking, this is a weapon I can use to support prohibition even if the weapon is a fraud, as what I really want is an antismoking environment, so it’s OK."

Deranged morality aside, for a moment let us forget about:

the criminal coöperation of those “medical” associations with institutionalized fraud;
the cherry-picking and technical tricks used by the cons to make the “measurements” square with the propaganda, as pointed out by Citizens for Civil Liberties;
the fact that passive smoking has not been demonstrated to be harmful at any level of exposure, and
the fact, therefore, that the entire active/passive smoking propaganda assault is based on ideology and not on science or health.

There is one issue that overrides them all: the measurements have been taken with the intent of misrepresenting the concentrations of passive smoking as being enormous – and to that end they have been taken in sealed cars. This is absolutely alien from reality, where air circulation systems are in place and – especially – windows get rolled down. It is a simple law of physics: when the window is rolled down even a little bit, a vacuum is created that sucks all the smoke out. Do you smoke in your car with the windows shut? Do you take showers with your clothes on?

Well, naturally, instead of putting the offenders in jail for fraud, laws that impose prohibition in one’s own property and override parental authority are proposed based on the frauds of those offenders, and on the Nazi concept that smokers have to be forced to quit through discrimination and persecution.

It all means this: criminals have reached power, and have inverted right with wrong. It also means this: smokers had better get organized mighty fast to put the antitobacco bastards in jail where they belong – with whatever it takes.



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