We are glad to open a new section on our scientific portal, “Economic Damages of Smoking Bans”, with this translation into English of article by Simon Bremer and Jules Theeuwes in the Netherlands. The article, sponsored by Stichting Red de Kleine Horeca Ondernemer (Save the Small Hospitality Entrepreneur Foundation) analyzes the Scollo and Smokescreen studies, created by the antismoking gangs, and arrives at a conclusion that we are all to familiar with: the data that show no economic impact of the Dutch smoking ban are biased, false, fabricated and “creatively interpreted” to support fanatical prohibition. Such is the pattern of the entire Tobacco Control movement, wherever it operates, based as it is on scientific and intellectual fraud, representing the triumph of corruption over truth and integrity.

“The aim of this report is to evaluate whether there is sufficient scientific evidence to conclude that a smoking ban in the hospitality industry has no negative effects on turnover or employment, based on the two studies cited in the Explanatory Notes of the Dutch Government Decree Implementation of a Smoke-free Work Space in the Hospitality and other Industries.

Our evaluation in this report shows that both studies were not carried out in such a way to allow statistically justified statements about the business-economical effects of a smoking ban in the hospitality industry. More specifically, the approach used in the two evaluated articles is not suitable for making statements about the business-economical effects for small hospitality industry establishments.”

We invite our readership to send us either studies or information on studies that put the lie to the antismoking fraud that smoking bans have no economic consequences on the economy. You can send information to info@forces.org.

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