The phrase "barbarians at the gate" doesn’t apply to San Francisco. The barbarians are already inside and are running and ruining that sad city.
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering legislation that would turn off the lights in the city’s skyscrapers at night. The board member crafting the legislation says that the measure will reduce energy waste and cut down on the release of greenhouse gases. Businesses who keep the lights on at night while no one is working would face fines. As always the premises on which this reactionary law is based are false. There is no shortage of energy. If there were the building owners would on their own make sure no lights were burning when unneeded. Snuffing out downtown will not alter the supply of energy in the least.

Reducing so-called greenhouse gases is an article of faith in the global warming hoax. There is no evidence that the activity of human beings is altering the planet’s climate. The global warming hoax is a direct offspring of the secondhand smoke hoax. Had the secondhand smoke fraud been confronted honestly and effectively by the tobacco industry we might not now be victims of a new hoax that will have widespread damaging effects on economies and societies. Unfortunately all those negatively affected are adopting the failed tactics of the tobacco industry.

The barbarians running San Francisco hate modernity and would like to end civilization as we know it. Wiping out the brilliant skyline may be symbolic but the underlying hatred exhibited by regressive elites, such as those in change in San Francisco, is no joke. Asserting their brute power is the main point of the exercise. We’re in charge, they say, and nothing is too trivial to escape our officiousness. Enjoy smoking? We’ll prohibit it. Enjoy the view of downtown at night? Tough.



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