Girolamo Sirchia is a perfectly sinister antismoker: hypocritical, paternalistic, arrogant to the extreme, ex-smoker (the worst kind of anti), fanatical ideologist, morally clueless, a born crook. He can lie straight to your face while looking you in the eyes, although he cannot bear a steady gaze, such as an Italian court has now shown him.
Sirchia is a medical doctor. He became a hero of antitobacco when Italy had the sad distinction of becoming the second nation in Europe to embrace the Neo-Nazi healthist ideology after Ireland.

Coherently with the international fraud program, Sirchia has consciously lied to Italians about the effects of passive smoking exposure to human health, to forward his extreme smoking ban. That earned him the unconditional admiration of all fascists from left and right. To be fair, the Italian ban is less extreme than many other bans today, because it still allows smoker areas that are sealed away from non-smoker areas, as a submarine is sealed from water.

During his regime in the late Berlusconi government, Sirchia was charged with eight different counts of corruption and payolas, ranging from altering auctions to pocketing pharma money. Today Sirchia pays for some of them. From the Italian article to which we link:

“The former minister of health Girolamo Sirchia has been sentenced to three years of imprisonment during the Milan trial where he, and other seven people, have been tried for numerous payolas in the world of public health.

“The decision has been announced this morning by the fourth district of the tribunal, chaired by Judge Oscar Magi. […] The sentencing is harder than what required by the prosecutor, who asked for two years and nine months.

“Specifically, the former Berlusconi health minister has been judged guilty of corruption and embezzlement. … according to the magistrates, Sirchia has cashed payolas by multinationals to favour their supplies [over those of the competition].”

Please note that Sirchia put in a great effort to project the “immorality” of smokers, who “poisoned” innocent bystanders with their “fumes.” As usual, the singing chicken lays the egg.

The Public Health establishment cannot fail to recognise such a perfectly sinister antismoker so we remind them here.

Appeal to the World Health Organization

The extraordinary performance of the former Italian Minister of Health, and his close coöperation and obedience to the fraudulent policy on tobacco and smoking promoted by your organization merits the highest consideration, especially when today’s criminal conviction is taken into account. Doctor Sirchia has fully demonstrated his immoral fitness to ascend to the highest ranks of international “public health." Perhaps he should become the next Director General of the World Health Organization. Perhaps then, more people would finally realise the true nature of your organization. We, the members of FORCES around the world, therefore humbly submit his candidacy.

His dedication to the cause of antitobacco’s epidemiological and social fraud is unconditionally demonstrated — to the point that Italy is considered an “example” for the rest of Europe. The fact that the smoking ban is largely ignored in many areas of the country does not have to smear the achievement of this incredible man. Ignore that and keep telling the press to ignore it. Notice how convict Sirchia has demonstrated his truest loyalty to the pharmaceutical multinationals that are partners of the WHO in the international antismoking scam by finagling such that dangerous drugs including Prozac and Ritalin are freely prescribed to pre-school age children.

What is really impressive is that a High Italian Court has sanctioned and recognized his ideology with a three year criminal conviction. This is the truest testimonial to the healthist ideology of fraud, fascism, dedication to false information on smoking and lifestyle in general, money-grabbing, plain viciousness, and thoroughgoing corruption. You must consider this a sterling conviction befitting not just Mr. Sirchia but every rank ideologue at your organization, which is to say, all of you. Doctor Sirchia fully deserves to sit on the right side of WHO operatives, as he has with Stanton Glantz, with whom in 2002 he had intimate conversations in Rome on how to con Italians into believing that passive smoking is harmful to health.

We have no doubt you will without jealousy give this convicted fraudster his due. Certainly he will get it, as the record shows that antitobacco always recognises its own, and it has done so abundantly in the past. We reiterate that nothing would be more prestigious and symbolic than assigning him the position of Director General of the most powerful, most crooked, and possibly the single most blithering antismoking organization in the world.

Please give him the job as soon as he gets out of jail. Better yet, elect Sirchia today! Look at what he has already done to Italy, and just imagine how he could do the same to every smoker, drinker, and lusty eater in every damnably democratic country in the world. Why, this reprobate might even achieve your objective, of nullifying worldwide democracy entirely! Don’t hesitate. Do as you’ve been doing and as we know you’ll do. We’ll keep watching and reporting.

Please click below for the press bulletin on this story from an Italian daily.



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