We update the Minnesota Theatre Night story which we’ve covered extensively over several weeks. The misdemeanor case against Tom Marinaro, owner of Tank’s Bar, will not be argued in court as planned on 28 April.
This is the case ensuing from the misdemeanor ticket issued by a Babbitt Village sheriff on 14 March. The parties are the State of Minnesota versus Tom Marinaro. This case is unassociated with that against the Bullseye Saloon, owned by Robert Ripley, in which the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health, as plaintiff, is seeking a declaration and injunction based on the Department’s administrative authority. Although the two cases are distinct, the judgements reached in each will ultimately have reflection one on the other, a point for close observation as events unfold into the future.

The oral argument on Tom Marinaro’s case was to take place in court on Monday based on stipulation to facts of the case. The prosecutor and the defense attorney have, as it turns out, failed to come to agreement on the facts. Therefore a date for a court trial, at which both factual evidence and legal arguments will be presented, is to be scheduled. A scheduling conference will take place at 8:10 a.m. on Wednesday 30 April. A new court date will be announced following the scheduling conference. Click the link below for a press release of Friday the 25th from the office of defense attorney Mark W. Benjamin.



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