We remind FORCES readers of a perceptive piece by the gifted writer Florence King, written years ago, and more impressive today than ever, in what it tells about the future. “I’d Rather Smoke than Kiss” (link bottom this page) was published by National Review in 1990. Were you wise to the essence and trajectory of antitobacco Fascism in 1990? You should have been. Florence King was. What she called the “pogrom” was already far advanced nineteen years ago. It still advances, yet faster, year by year. Have you figured that out yet? Or do you think things just can’t get any worse than they are now? If you think that you are a fool. If you smoke Anti means to control you or destroy you absolutely. She has more circles of Hell in mind for you than Dante ever imagined.

Florence King saw the “truculent, joyless faces of anti-tobacco Puritans” and knew very surely what they had in mind. She heard the Antis’ Big Lie about “passive smoking” and told us it “offered them a chance to hate in the land of compulsory love, a chance to dish it out for a change with no fear of being called a bigot.” She said, “Hatred of smokers is the most popular form of closet misanthropy in America today. Smokists don’t hate the sin, they hate the sinner, and they don’t care who knows it.” Florence King in 1990 felt that smokers were “on the run” from the “sadistic brutality” of “Health Nazis.”

Florence King had it right. She was no seeress. Contemporary antismoking began a generation before 1990, with John Banzhaf’s legal manoeuvres, and the American tobacco industry’s inept reactions to these. The Health Nazis have been steeping their fanatical hatred into our culture since the 1960s. Few spoke plainly and boldly as did Florence King even so late in the game as 1990. That is a great shame. Consider where we are now. Contemplate where we shall be in another twenty years if the fear and hate machine is not forcibly stopped. That has to happen. There can be no further delay. The time to start fighting back was half a century ago.

Miss King, bless her, is still writing and smoking today, in a semi-retirement. All of her articles and books are delights. “I’d Rather Smoke than Kiss” is required reading. Its message is true and timeless. Contemporary antitobacco, developed on the false perspectives, conflicted prejudices, and dubious statistical methods fostered by eugenicists such as Francis Galton, Alfred Ploetz, Karl Pearson, Ronald Aylmer Fisher, Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer, Leonardo Conti, and other prominent "racial hygienicists" from across the globe, is aptly called Health Nazism. Recognize this damnable movement for what it is, a hateful ideology, an evil, as needful of destruction as is racism. It is directly descended from eugenics, and has nothing more to do with health, than did the Hell-bent eugenics policies of a century ago.

Fanaticism is not medicine. It is a disease which can afflict the individual mind, and which can spread disastrously, to the ultimate destruction of true culture. History teaches this. Learn the lesson. There can be no tolerance of intolerance, no arbitration with false ideology, no peace with empowered Fascists. They subsist on narcissism, arrogance, and hatred. They never stop. You cannot run forever from the Health Nazis. Turn around now, join us, and fight the war you are in.



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