Cigarettes are worth no more than one US dollar for a pack of twenty. Your local store in the USA is now selling them for upwards of ten dollars per pack. It’s all straight tax together with Master Settlement premiums.

Your government thinks you are a simpering idiot. You aren’t, though, and the good old American entrepreneurial spirit is not dead.

When government thieves, black marketeers restore fairness. That’s always been the way of things. Everybody knows this, except of course, persons afflicted with a mental aberration such as antitobacco fanaticism.

Tobacco is now, even before total Prohibition, effectively part of the War on Drugs. Your intellectually impaired legislators are positively forcing the tobacco market upon smugglers and underground traders.

Dave Pickrell of Smokers Fighting Discrimination comments on this familiar topic at the link below. Enjoy his common sense. Employ your own. Happy shopping.



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