A European reader, who tells of family memory of the fascist era, has prepared a video regarding today’s antitobacco fanaticism.

Most FORCES readers are familiar with the Nazi antitobacco movement. Not all have ancestral memories of the Nazis themselves.

An anonymous contributor from Denmark who does carry such memory was moved to produce this video. It makes a simple but eloquent point. This video is being released by a number of freedom web sites today.

Nazi propaganda contained little that was true. For instance, it was said der Führer never drank, but in fact it’s extensively documented that Adolf Hitler enjoyed moderate indulgence in alcohol, specifically favoring wine with water, and an occasional beer.

Hitler also ate meat sparingly (never losing a taste for German sausage in particular) so statements that he was vegetarian are also false.

It is true that he gave up smoking after his service in the First World War, and very certainly, he became an ardent tobbacophobe.

Naturally the Reich reflected this prejudice of the maniac just as it did all his others.

The elitist philosophies and purblind statistical techniques developed and refined by such as England’s Francis Galton, Karl Pearson, Ronald Fisher, and by fellow eugenicists in the Reich (particularly at the University of Jena) served both to incite racial hatred and to spread fanatical views on tobacco use.

Most people today think that eugenics was "the German race science." The term "eugenics" was in fact coined by Galton who said he believed his philosophy would become a world religion. Atrocious eugenics policies flourished best in the profoundly racist USA, particularly in the South and in the State of California, prior to Hitler’s emergence.

Such policies were also instituted in most nations with populations of predominantly northern European descent, to greater and lesser degrees in these nations, even as competing "science" proving Japanese superiority (not Asian — Japanese) took firm root in, of all places, Japan.

Hitler simply advanced eugenics (called by that name, or interchangeably in Germany, "racial hygiene") to the full extent his power afforded. He personally financed antitobacco research at Jena. When the Reich died, eugenics began to hide its face, but never died, merely renaming itself "social biology" and "lifestyle epidemiology."

Eugenics and today’s Healthism are all of a piece. They are elitist, vicious, pseudo-science. They are political in nature, opposite to real science, bent toward technocracy, and fascism.

That is what this is. More and more are becoming aware. Healthism cannot be tolerated as a world religion. It must be destroyed with extreme force.

Please click the link below to view the video.



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