More cultural engineering in Britain, on the wave of smoking prohibition. Now cocktails will carry health “warnings,” and “…selling cocktails with suggestive names such as Sex on the Beach or Slippery Nipple will be outlawed.”

Killing several birds with one stone, the British public health gangsters are going to hit freedom of speech and, once again, private enterprise, as they push their epidemiological trash science, cultural and behavioral engineering all in one single, slimy shot.

No "happy hours" for women, either, and “[The health warnings] will include a statement from the Chief Medical Officer about safe daily drinking limits; a graphic showing the amount of alcohol contained within each glass or bottle [a useless information because each person reacts to alcohol in totally different manner than then next]; and the address of a website promoting moderate drinking.”

Similar junk, which has no scientific value whatsoever, has been recently implemented in Italy, too, and had zero effect. This operation is all coordinated by the gangsters at the World Health Organization in Geneva, so it will appear soon in every country. It will have absolutely no effect on drinking other than pushing more drinkers to overindulge at home while and destroying businesses, already afflicted by smoking bans, even more.

The destruction of the enjoyment of life in free social milieu is one of the targets that the health Fascists have all over the world. The result is social disintegration, and thus for the achievement of more institutional control on the individual, who feels isolated and discouraged.

It is not over: “There will be a crackdown on free wine, beer and spirit tastings. No samples may exceed 125 milliliters, and ‘care must be taken to ensure that customers do not return for further tastings.’, " And, of course, “Doctors welcomed the proposals”. No surprise there. the medical class always seems to side with repression; its devotion to Fascism is a historical trait.

There you go: what happened to tobacco is happening to alcohol: just choke it out of existence with crackdowns. To those who cheered “smoke-free pubs” we say: enjoy this crackdown on your "vice" from those whom you applauded.

To all we ask: when do you think it will be time to hit the streets in great numbers and exercise a crackdown on the public health bastards? Maybe when they take children from your custody? Don’t worry, they are working hard at that too. Click here for proof.



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