Rip fat children from their parents, sue the parents for child abuse and staple the children’s stomach, says health Nazi Tam Fry, a member of the National Obesity Forum’s board in the United Kingdom. Here comes the epidemiologic crystal ball: “Recent figures suggest a third of 13-year-olds are obese or overweight, and that a million children in England will be obese within five years.”

Now cringe: “…there should be a case for them [the children] being removed from their parents to a paediatric ward and put under weight management by doctors. The parents will be permitted access but they will be frisked for chocolate and fizzy drinks when they enter the ward. It is drastic but it’s a long-term therapy”.

A reader sent us these comments, that we support unconditionally:

"…And all this in the name of maybe preventing a possible future risk. Incarcerate children; put young bodies at immediate and long term risk from major surgery (performed against their will) that also prevents them from getting proper nutrition while they’re growing and developing mentally and physically; destroy their ability to EVER eat normally for the rest of their lives; frighten the bejesus out of them, and let them know they’ll never be safe from the state. Not since the sterilization programs has the state gone so far, and didn’t it once swear of them ‘Never Again?’ "

Hedged words are not inappropriate, here. There is only one type of “long-term therapy” that must be applied here: pull the licenses of these Nazis to practice and try them in a human rights tribunal – along the lines of a new Nuremberg trial. Whether or not Tam Fry loses the debate now is irrelevant. This will be proposed again and again, inching its way through until it will be accepted no matter how unthinkable that is today. For food. For smoking. For alcohol. For cars. For cellular phones. For salt. For sugar. For anything else you may or may not imagine. That is the way of "public health".

No one – in England or anywhere else – would have thought that smoking bans would become real as little as ten years ago. Look at the situation now. It happened, it will happen again. And again. And again.

It is the ideology that must be stopped – and it must be stopped with force, because there is no other way. These neo-Nazis will not stop until they are put into the sewers of history where they belong.



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