The deranged, foaming-at-the-mouth British public health/environmentalists are not content to defraud you with epidemiology and tell you how to live your life (and that of your children) down to the slightest detail with their self-delusions of knowledge and wisdom. When we allow stupidity and Fascism to become the system, we have to expect that a perverse sense of “justice” takes place, somehow supported by a confused popular reaction. Here is a story for you:

Once upon a time, there was a smoker who did not fight against his persecutors but he accused them of singling him out. “Why do you persecute me because I smoke and you don’t go, instead, after the drinkers, the fatsos and the motorists? They are wrong too… in fact, they are more wrong than I am!…”, said the smoker. “You are right”, the fascist authorities answered, “That’s not fair! We are going to persecute them as well”! And so it was that the smoker found himself in good company and he could cry victim with the fatsos, the drinkers and the motorists. He was finally satisfied that “justice was rendered” by the superior wisdom of state authorities. In gratitude for such a display of fairness, the smoker tried to quit smoking with Big Pharma’s nostrums, according to the wishes of the authorities and, in the meantime, he kept on smoking in shame and secret. When he finally managed to surrender his smoking, his gratitude to the fascists became unbounded. That was because he finally got rid of the dangerous vices of liberty and choice, and he was taught to rename his surrender as freedom. To display that gratitude, he squealed to the authorities on his smoking, drinking, driving and fat friends — to "help" the collective to set them straight, just like him. When he reached the conviction of the 100th smoker, he was appointed a public health and environment officer by the Grand Council of Fascism and Health at a good salary, and he lived happily ever after, as fascism knows how to reward collaborators.

This tale tells us what happens when Fascism rips people’s dignity away. If you understand the story, it will be easier to understand this article.

“Owners of fat cats and obese dogs could be fined or jailed under controversial Government rules. New beefed-up codes of practice for pet owners published today state that overfeeding pets is a ‘serious welfare concern’ that can lead to unnecessary suffering. People who refuse to put seriously fat pets on a diet could be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act – and face a fine of up to £20,000 or even 12 months’ jail.”

The reaction of pet owners with a modicum of dignity and self-respect should be to get organized, disobey the law and offer massive, physical resistance to the “authorities” so that the enforcement of the law becomes impossible. Furthermore, they should invade the Parliament in protest.

The reaction of pet owners whose dignity and self-respect have been ripped away by previous health & environment campaigns will be frantically to put their pets on a diet with shame, to be apologetic to both government and pet, and to spend the rest of their lives in repentance and fear of punishment.

“The draft document, published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, gives detailed advice to dog, cat and horse owners about looking after animals – and tells them how to avoid being prosecuted for cruelty.”

Aren’t these fascists generous? After all, they even teach you how to avoid their punishment: just behave as they want and everything is going to be alright. That is because they are not really mean: they just love you and your pet, and they want both of you to be happy under their rules. Yes, indeed: Big Brother is a wonderful bastard.

“It also tells owners to provide ‘entertainment’ and ‘mental stimulation’ for pets, make sure upstairs windows are ‘cat-proofed’ to stop animals falling out and to avoid taking dogs for a walk during the hottest part of the day. In addition, it points out the importance of giving animals a suitable place to live and ‘somewhere to go to the toilet’. “

Adapt your life to His Majesty the Pet – fully – or be punished by Its Majesty the State: the Grand Council of Fascism has said so. You did not know, but your cat is far more important than you are. That’s why the health and environment bastards treat you worse than a dog: because you let them.

It is high time that the sane part of the population helps the fascists back to sanity. To that end, anything goes: prosecution, persecution, force, imprisonment, confiscation of their property as compensation for the damages caused, reversal of their laws, hate, social denormalization…

And don’t worry about all that a tiny bit: once they are set straight, they will be grateful for your help. So, feel warm and fuzzy all over.



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