… and fat kids are being taken from their homes! It is a fact that no day goes by without reading some horrific news from England – a nation that, clearly, has been conquered by fascism far more than any other nation we know of, today – even more than the United States. “Smokers could be completely banned from fostering children under controversial proposals branded health ‘fascism’ by opponents.”

And fascism it is – in the fundamental concept that the state owns the citizen, and that it is a duty, rather than a choice, for the British citizen to be “healthy” – according to what "health" means in the Nazi lexicon of the “public health” institutions that rule England nowadays.

The public health criminals state that the move is made to “protect” children from the effects of passive smoking which, as we know, are a complete fraud. In reality, the judgement of the public health pigs is pervertedly moralistic. Smokers are madly deemed "immoral", and children have to be protected from “immoral” behaviour. The sad irony is that such judgement comes from the most mentally and morally defective entity ever: public health, that does not hesitate to use scientific fraud and force to bend people to its fascist ideology.

“The idea of banning smokers from being foster parents because they may set a bad example for their children is a dangerous one. While foster children should be protected from harmful behavior, it is not the appropriate role of the fostering agencies to cast moral judgments on the legal behaviors of potential parents, especially when the issue is the assumption of health risks by that individual”, says Michael Siegel in his blog (stored copy), although he seems to miss the point that there is absolutely zero scientific demonstration that passive smoke exposure is dangerous to health – the "evidence" is trash "lifestyle epidemiology."

For the second time this year FOREST finally calls public health by its name: “But Neil Rafferty of smokers’ rights group Forest branded those who wanted to ban smokers from being carers as ‘health fascists’. ‘There are many millions of smokers who would make brilliant foster parents,’ he said. ‘It’s really troubling. Next they’ll be banning obese people for setting a bad example. Where will it end?’ “

Silly and rhetorical question. It will not end unless it is made to end with force. Of course they will ban obese people for setting a “bad” example! It is already happening (stored copy). Fat children are already taken away from their own parents. We have recently reported that not only "must" fat children be taken away from parents, but their stomachs must be stapled. Tam Fry, the Nazi spokesperson of the National Obesity Forum’s board, has already proclaimed that coerced surgery "is drastic but it’s a long-term therapy.” So was the removal of Jews from German society. Ironically, precluding smokers from being foster parents goes against the agenda of the mentally defective public health, that wants to increase the demand for foster parents by forcibly taking children from their natural parents. The most appalling reality is that the parents whose children were taken away did not even try to fight off kidnapping Nazis, but then, neither in general did the persecuted Jews, when they were separated from their children.

When FORCES warned that public health had turned into a Nazi ideology, we were scorned and put at a “safe political distance” by short-sighted groups, who were either unable, unwilling, or politically motivated not to see the ideology coming. That "safe political distance" is still commonly maintained today in spite of the glaring, in-your-face daily evidence. Evidently many cowards would rather hail the new Fuehrer than fight. That applies to the tobacco industry, the food industry, and probably the alcohol industry as well. Playing ostrich is stupid enough, but when the ostrich keeps on burying its head under the sand even when it is kicked in the ass, it is a crazy bird indeed. The policy of appeasement and idle barking does not work, never did, never will.

Now public health is the Nazi to beat – and, once again, all the Chamberlains cry foul. Too late for that. It should have been nipped in the bud much earlier. Now the only way to remove the Nazis and their rotten science and ideology will be brutal force once again – or else submission and obedience to endless perversion.

We need: multiple legal cases on the basis of crminal codes against the scientific frauds perpetrated by public health, and we need strikes, civil disobedience, widely pervasive and well-financed publicity to counter healthist propaganda, rallying of consumers, massive refusals to file income tax returns, further development of independent information channels that bypass the mass media lackeys. Those are just some examples of multi-pronged actions that must occur to make the politicians listen – they will when they have to – and to break the backbone of the public health Nazis. To that end, enormous resources are needed, and industries have to be lobbied energetically to take action instead of hiding.

"Where will it end?" It will not. Not here, not now, not anytime or anywhere. Not until we realize that extreme ills demand extreme remedies.



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