Recently The Disney Enterprise people enacted a severe smoking ban at their Disney location in Orlando, Florida. This ban makes a complete mockery of the fact that Walt Disney himself was a smoker. The site we link to is a hate-filled site with a photo of Walt smoking. Underneath, the statement reads "Disneyland lung cancer". For kicks contrast the anti-smoking cretin pictured at the top with the smoking Walt Disney and ask yourself which of the two makes a positive contribution to society.

Now, aside from the fact that nobody knows what really causes cancer, although industrial pollution and radiation fallout are leading contenders, banning smoking at Disneyland is a classic example of biting the hand that feeds you. The hypocrisy surrounding this decision is staggering. The vilification of the man who started this huge enterprise and from which EVERY SINGLE person employed at the resorts owes their paychecks, is intolerable.

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