New Yorkers receive lumps of coal from their government this holiday season.
Citizens of that ill-run state cannot be surprised that the hacks they keep sending to Albany are poised to solve the current economic crisis by levying all sorts of taxes in the vain hope that the financial plunge can be halted by gouging, yet again, the long-suffering tax payers. They probably weren’t expecting, however, an "obesity tax" on non-diet soda but one can’t say they weren’t warned.

Ever since über-nanny Michael Bloomberg bought the New York City mayorship twice "Health" as become the societal value that preempts all other considerations. Beginning with obscene taxes, both state and local, on cigarettes coupled with intense hate campaigns directed at smokers Mayor Bloomberg has imposed ever more extreme "health" measures on the citizens. It was only a matter of time before the state government began demanding its cut from measures designed to modify behavior.

If the soda tax is passed the long-suffering retailers will be required to collect the fat tax on non-diet drinks. That bit of overhead will make life more difficult for grocery stores already reeling from the decline in cigarette sales as savvy consumers buy their smokes outside of the New York tax structure. Under the ethos of "there is never enough", the fat tax will duly be expanded to include other politically incorrect foods yet no reduction in waist size will be realized. The state government, of course, is the last word in true obesity that really is a hazard to every tax payers’ health.



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