If you want more proof that the new generation is smarter and less gullible than the generation that precedes it, read this disappointed article from the antitobacco propaganda: “Just 4 to 5 percent of all smokers sought behavioral treatment help — for example, counseling or a class or group — the researchers found. In comparison, 32.5 percent of smokers 25 and older had tried medication — for example, nicotine gum or Zyban — compared to 17.7 percent of smokers 24 and younger.”
Oohh!… What a shame! The younger generation is not feeding Big Pharma! Alarm! "Public health" intervention needed, sales are down… what do you think we feed you all those big bucks for?!
So — what is the conclusion of the “scientists”? Veterans of the fight against the antismoking fraud will have guessed it already: “More research ($$$) is needed to find out how best to reach younger smokers with information on options available to them to help them quit”!



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