German smokers and their supporters continue their fight to regain their rights of choice and citizenship. Recently a demonstration that involved over 1,300 people took place in Berlin. The participants were mostly owners of hospitality locales and wholesalers of liquors. The demonstration took place in front of the Senate Building.
Many business owners complain that their clientèle has nearly vanished because of the smoking ban and that their earnings have decreased by half or more. They won’t take it. They are marching. Such demonstrations have obtained political results: in some states of the German federation bans have been either eliminated or revised.

That, of course, is only a “patch” to the situation, as it addresses only the devastating economic consequences of the bans. As we know, the fundamental solution lies in the demonstration – incontrovertible in any court of law – that the “dangers” of passive smoking are an epidemiological fraud pushed by a “health” system corrupted by pharmaceutical interests.

The passive smoke fraud has an easy grip on the dishonesty of some non-smokers: these fools will readily embrace institutional corruption in exchange for an environment without an odour that they don’t like. That is tantamount to saying that they value their precious liberty so much less than they do their petty, selfish preference, that institutional rot and tyranny are just okay!

Today’s Health Nazis favour total bans everywhere they ever go, and beyond, to everywhere they never have and never will set foot. Even many of those who don’t pretend to believe in the transparent fraud of "passive" smoking may wish to gorge and booze in smoker-free public venues while sanctimoniously lecturing on the “mortality” of active smoking, for which in fact, not even one death can be demonstrated scientifically.

The stupidity of that position is simply enormous. Of course it opens wide the door to ever more prohibitions, already in the making, such as of alcohol and food – both declared goals of the “public health” mafia, never elected by anyone, that has decided to change our social values. The fight must continue and it must continue to grow in force.

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