One must say that the German reputation for being stubborn is an asset. The Germans, in fact, do not let go of their fight for the right to smoke, and no longer visit the hospitality locales where smoking is forbidden.
German demonstration in Hamburg against the Nazi antismoking lawThat puts the “public health” cons in a fix. While they cannot scientifically prove that one death or disease is caused by smoking (just ask any doctor or “health” officer to demonstrate the unique causality of a “tobacco death” and amuse yourself watching him go around the question while pushing his ideological credo that “smoking kills”), the German business owners can demonstrate “scientifically” – that is, with cash accounts in hand – the huge economic losses due to a law based on an epidemiological fraud.

With the slogan “Smoking ban = bankruptcy”, 400 pub owners and restaurant operators recently marched through the streets of Hamburg to protest against the smoking ban.

An inducement to this demonstration was that, in the neighbouring region called the Schleswig-Holstein, the local court has established that those pubs which cannot practicably set up smoking and non-smoking areas are not subject to the prohibition. Thus smokers and non-smokers can once again freely assemble in these generally smaller locales – and that has immediately repopulated them. The court’s decision and the popular response have demonstrated once again that it is not true that “the people” want the smoking ban. This debunks the health cons who justify their epidemiological frauds with the lie of the “plebiscite” that – please note – has never been there.

In fact, and as it has been for centuries, the overwhelming majority of non-smokers chooses (a horrible word for the anti-smoking, anti-liberty scum) to expose itself to passive smoking, as it knows by virtue of common sense that passive smoking is harmless. Both sides of the coin are in evidence here. In the Hamburg region the local government is not open to concessions, as it has embraced the Healthist ideology, and that causes a clientèle “outflow towards freedom” to the Schleswig-Holstein.

Several weeks ago 17 restaurant owners sued the regional government on constitutional grounds and on the ground that the smoking ban is indisputably destroying the subsistence of many families. The business owners, and their workers, are suffering mightily. So is the social fabric. Germans are doing as they must and as they should. They will not accept the Health Reich. They are fighting. Good citizens everywhere must do the same.

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