As we know, the mass-media have the task of showing ‘consensus’ on antismoking campaigns and smoking bans. This is both to establish a new culture and to discourage active opposition. In spite of that, the outrage against antitobacco is strong and growing rapidly – hopefully, towards an antismoking-free society.

We are starting a series of reports on the fight, initiatives and demonstrations against tobacco control all over the world. You will be able to recognize and find the reports by looking for the article header “fighting antitobacco” in this News Portal main page, or by entering the “fighting antitobacco” string in our “View all our past news stories in the News Archive” section.

We start our reports with the demonstration at Edinburgh Castle held on Sunday 9th September 2007. The demonstration was against the gang of the Scottish Government and Health Scotland, holding the conference "Towards a Smokefree Society", when plans and strategies to proceed with the epidemiological (and fraud-based) social programme of smoking eradication were in progress. The demonstrators gathered in front to the door where conference Delegates arrived for the Official Reception. The demonstration was a success, but it was basically not reported by the mass media. Some local newspapers did report the upcoming conference in a "play down" mode, but not the demonstration against it.

The following day, Monday September 10, the same demonstration continued at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, but the representatives of smokers and pubs were equally ignored – a splendid example of "civil discourse" and "democratic debate" from those who, with the money of the citizens (including of course those who smoke), have the job of prohibiting free choice and promote institutional fraud without even having been elected by the people to do so.



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