A march against the smoking ban in England has seen the participation of 200 protesters.

The march was organized to fight what is turning into an economic nightmare for the pubs in England.

‘Chris Elliott and business partner Paul Toole run karaoke and disco nights in pubs and clubs at least five times a week … "We also visited 100 pubs and there was only one of them that supported the ban. They said trade is dwindling and they’re certainly not looking forward to the winter, because no one will want to go outside to smoke." Mr Elliott said the duo’s next move was to organise protests in London that he hoped would be held in January 2008, at the offices of anti-smoking lobby group Ash and at Downing Street.’

Smoking bans, as a concept, must be banned. Banning, in fact, means "not wanting." Not wanting good citizens who use a legal product is not the job for the state – especially when it is based on epidemiological fraud.



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