King County Executive Ron Sims took the first step toward limiting greenhouse-gas emissions from new development on Wednesday with an executive order covering unincorporated parts of the county.

The order will require developers to provide information — such as square footage of buildings and estimated travel on new roads — that the county can use to project greenhouse-gas emissions. The requirement takes effect Sept. 1. Sims later plans to create emission limits for new developments. Those limits would be sent to the Metropolitan King County Council for approval.

The tobacco control model works so well in King County, Washington they now even apply it to King County and greenhouse gases and global warming. Stand by for more restrictive housing choices and higher prices for new developments. Once again, Washington demonstrates its propensity for “progressive leadership” by restricting choice and driving up process. And once again we see business leaders supporting the process.

Its no wonder that in the same issue of the Seattle Times we now read that secondhand smoke harms fetus in the womb. From the Seattle Times, June 28, 2007, “Secondhand Smoke May Affect Brain of Fetus:”

“Pregnant women who are chronically exposed to secondhand smoke may have children who are at greater risk of problems related to attention and emotion, University of Washington researchers believe. In a study released Wednesday, scientists found that children who have such psychological problems have a higher frequency of them — or more severe troubles — if their mothers were regularly exposed to tobacco smoke while pregnant. Those troubles include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), aggressive behavior, defiance and a behavior pattern called conduct disorder, which can include truancy, fighting, failing in school, substance abuse, theft and property destruction.”

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