To antitobacco, destroying economy is just fun, along the way to destroying liberty and civility.

The pesky values for a decent society often have to be given token notice for a while during the progression of Healthist domination. To get a generally comprehensive ban through, in Denmark, the concession was made to allow smoking in small hospitality establishments and "smoking rooms." That was mere months ago. What happens to antitobacco "compromise" over a few months? "It is outdated," Birgitte Josefsen, the Liberal party’s health mouthpiece, now informs us.

Although hospitality venues throughout Denmark have invested fortunes on smoking rooms and elaborate filtration systems to accommodate recent restrictions, all for nought if the "compromise" is soon killed as expected, a hospitality industry spokesman is noted merely to be "concerned," and abjectly resigned to get "used to" total usurpation of property rights. What a dope. He seems content that there may still be "smoking cabins," tiny smoker pig pens, where perhaps he belongs, having no dignity to begin with. They’re very expensive but they may not be illegal before next Christmas.

Everybody’s a dope who ever thinks "compromise" with empowered antitobacco is anything other than a cynical ploy in its eyes. Antitobacco’s eyes are ever focussed on absolute oppression. It never stops lying. It never stops banning. It tramples over naïve would-be arbitrators. Antitobacco needs its legs cut off. Then will come the negotiations: on how to punish the eugenicists and the tyrants.

That’s the plain truth. Antitobacco will "compromise" what it can’t get on the day it can’t get it. When the next day comes, it takes what it wants, by hook or crook. We have seen this repeatedly all over the world for decades. Examples are too numerous to mention. Merely browse our archives for all the years past. There is but one use of "compromise" with a vicious fanaticism. Compromise its power. Then destroy it.

There are a couple of interesting sidelights here. First note, below the main text of the article, a death notice for actor Richard Widmark. Note the picture of the actor holding a cigarette. The choice of photo, in context, is likely no mistake. The media fulfills its duty in impressing on us: smoking kills! Well, Richard Widmark did enjoy smoking, and he did die, when his health declined following on a back injury of a few months ago. Widmark was ninety-three. Links to article: (Original) (stored version).

Sidelight number two appears in another recent article from Denmark. A typically hypocritical politician, an ardent advocate of the smoker bans to "save lives" and "protect the children," and an "adamant" advocate of the strictest enforcement, the Liberal party finance minister continues smoking up a storm in his own office, in the presence of staff and visitors. Links: (Original) (stored version).

We will be frank here (as we generally are.) The finance minister reminds us of the many enthusiastically active Nazi homosexuals who championed eugenics campaigns including eradication of homosexuals. One never finds any greater collection of hypocrites than amongst adherents to history’s "purifying" movements. Excuse us while we throw up.

We won’t all live to ninety-three, but whether we do or not, every day is precious, especially those days when we must fight for a free and decent life. Make your own decisions. Defy antitobacco every day. Help us destroy this nauseating movement.



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