It’s long past time, but finally the hospitality industry is waking up to the fact that it needs to address the whole bogus ETS issue if it’s ever going to successfully fight smoking bans.

In Colorado, Lisa Fender, and her colleagues at the Coalition for Equal Rights (CER) are not only using the arguments of failed businesses and the need to preserve freedom of choice – but are also exposing the paucity of evidence about the dangers of so-called ETS and the very reasonable option of ventilation solutions as an alternative to smoking bans.

“We have over forty studies – including a major one by OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] – that debunk anti-smoking allegations of environmental tobacco smoke,” said Fender. “It’s an important issue because the only reason any of these bans are legal is through the ‘harmful to others’ clause in Fourteenth Amendment.”

Resistance to the Colorado smoking ban has been significant, with many businesses participating in a civil disobedience campaign launched earlier this year.

You’re on the right track, Colorado bar owners! Light (up) the way for the others….

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